About us

We are the ally of companies to accelerate their
financial digitalization through a Cash
Management platform that facilitates access
to financial services at the right time to
ensure their cash flow and boost their growth.

Our mission is to boost the growth of
companies, improving their financial management
and providing innovative financial services
that ensure their growth.

Our history

SBFIX was born as an IX Agency spin-off, an innovation agency focused on digital transformation for small and medium business and corporate.

The main idea arises from the initiative of the CoDi payment method.

We were the first business to be certified by Banxico.

Thanks to this, we developed CoDi banking mobile apps for different banks in Mexico.

We developed our collection platform with multiple payment methods that offer automatic conciliation and multiple associated reports.

We built a white-label collection platfrom that we managed to place in different banks and technology business to distrubute the product.

We identified and experienced different problems businesses had:costs for using cash, lack of money traceability, manual conciliations, and consequently: lack of knowledge about their financial situation

So we managed to build

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